Swim analysis

Improve skillset, develop more efficient technique, identify and fix problems.

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The swim analysis sessions take place in an Endless Pool. This is a swim flume where you swim against a current, so are effectively swimming in one spot. The swimmer being stationary makes it very easy for the coach to observe the swimmer's technique and take video footage of the aspects of their stroke the coach wants to work on.

The sessions themselves involve spending a short time getting warmed up and finding a 'flow rate' that feels comfortable for the swimmer. After that some baseline footage is taken, to show the swimmer exactly what they are doing as it stands.

From there, corrections are discussed and are worked through during the session with additional footage being taken throughout. Videos from the session and notes are emailed through detailing the corrections to keep them on the right path. All the swimmer needs to bring is normal swim kit.

What to expect

Sessions are guided by a coach to help you with your technique and to make sure the session is the correct volume and intensity based on your goal.

Bring regular swimsuit and goggles, cap optional.

  • Private session with coach, not in view of anybody else
  • Shower and changing facilities available
  • Temperature controlled pool

Individual sessions

Swim analysis (45 mins)

Get in the pool, work on analysing and correcting technique using real time video playback.

  • Swim analysis session
  • Technique feedback and swim videos sent to you from the session.
  • Access to Training Tilt platform with a library of swim drill videos and swim sessions to help guide your training.
  • Automatic Garmin or Strava sync to Training Tilt so data can be reviewed by coach prior to next session.
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Regular swimsuit, goggles, towel and a drink are all you need. You can wear a swim cap if you like, but not required.

It will feel slightly unusual to begin with as you are stationary, but after a warm up and an appropriate flow rate is found you will feel as you usually do.

A swim analysis is beneficial to all levels of swimmer, from beginner to elite. As long as you are reasonably comfortable and relaxed it will really help improve your swim technique.

“I went from no butterfly to competent(ish) butterfly in 12 weeks. It actually shifted my identity from non swimmer to swimmer. It also helped me to fall in love with swimming. I can not tell you how much it has changed my life for the better.”