Nutrition coaching

An analysis of current nutritional habits, advice on changes, resources and education to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

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Training and exercise is only one part of the health and performance equation. Even if you spend an hour or two training each day, that still leaves 22 hours or more in which you can make decisions that will either positively or negatively impact upon your progress.

The largest component of this block of time is your nutrition and it can dictate how you look, perform and feel. However, knowing what you should be doing can be complicated.

You can read a lot of conflicting information, making it incredibly confusing. The truth is, it is a very individual thing - what one person likes and thrives on may not work for someone else. Getting this right involves starting with some simple foundational principles and then adjusting based on your progression towards your individual goals.

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This is factored in to your nutrition programme, quick, easy recipes and food choices that are convienient

Not necessarily. Depending on your goals, sticking to consistent nutrional principles and tracking some things are likely to be more than sufficient.

Certainly, the nutrition programme will be sustainable. Recipes will be tailored towards what you enjoy and the programme will never be so strict as to eliminate foods completely.