Hydro running

Build muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness with reduced impact on an underwater treadmill.

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Run on a fully submerged treadmill, greatly reducing impact but still maintaining run mechanics, working your running muscles and cardiovascular system. The pace and intensity can be adjusted so sessions can be used for high or low intensity.

Perfect for adding additional volume to your run training, phasing back into running post injury, specific rehab or recovery.

What to expect

Sessions are guided by a coach to help you with your technique and to make sure the session is the correct volume and intensity based on your goal.

Bring regular running clothing and a pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet.

  • Private session with coach, not in view of anybody else
  • Shower and changing facilities available
  • Temperature controlled pool

Individual sessions

Hydro running

1 session £40 Book now


Running trainers you don’t mind getting wet are great. Ideally a shoe that is not too heavy. Shorts and a top or swimsuit is fine. If you are prone to blisters, wear a pair of socks as well.

The belt of the treadmill moves the same as a regular one, ranging from walking to running pace. The swim current of the Endless Pool is also used to add extra resistance and help keep the runner stable on the belt. This goes from a gentle trickle to a fast flow. The sensation of extra current is equivalent to running up an incline.

No previous treadmill experience is necessary. Running in the water is very stable and it is impossible to fall off. You are in your depth the whole time in the pool.

“My wrist injury was keeping me from doing Crossfit and I did not want my fitness level to deteriorate. I was enjoying running and was doing it more often but conscious that I was likely to pick up an injury if all I did was run, so I thought it was the perfect time to get involved.”