About us

Our facilities

We've designed a space that is tailored with specific equipment that will help get the most out of your training.


The gym space has a large soft matted area for core work, rehabilitation or mobility. There is a large range of kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls, rollers and resistance bands. As well there are some weird and wonderful individual items for specific exercises including a sled, heavy bag, slam ball, tiib-ant bar, swiss ball, plyo box, parallettes and ropes. Beside this there is a lifting rack with olympic bar, hex bar, olympic plates, rings, pulley system and pull up bar. For aerobic training there is a Wattbike, ski erg and treadmill.


The pool is an Endless Pool Fastlane. The flow rate ranges from a gentle trickle to 1.14 per 100m Pace. Temperature is maintained at a constant 27.5 Celcius. On the floor there is a mirror that you swim above, helping to gauge position in the pool and to help make any adjustments to your stroke real time. Mounted on the wall there is a large monitor for watching back swim footage.

The underwater treadmill belt speed starts at a gentle walk and can be built up to a run. Additional resistance is created by turning on the pool's flume, this makes the walker or runner feel like they are starting to go uphill. The water depth when on the treadmill comes up to above waist to just below chest, depending on your height. There is a private shower and changing Room attached to the pool room for changing per and post swim or run sessions.

Treatment room

Includes plinth for physiotherapy and assessment.