Triathlon training for dedicated athletes whose goal is to fulfill their potential

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What are you training for?

Fitting training around work and family, endless washing of kit, buying equipment, organising races and travel.... there is a lot involved in being a Triathlete.

Don't let the effort go to waste. Make sure you are getting the most out of your training time.

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    Perfect your technique to maximise efficiency in the water

  • Bike Icon


    Build strength and fitness to tackle any distance and any course

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    Improve run mechanics and conditioning to finish your races in style

Trinetic is founded by David Graham, competitive athlete, personal trainer and triathlon coach.


  • Swim Infinity Icon

    Swim Infinity

    Endless pool video analysis to improve stroke technique

  • Hydro Run Icon

    Hydro Run

    Our underwater treadmill allows you to increase miles without injury risk or ease back into running

  • Strength and Conditioning Icon

    Strength & Conditioning

    Train specifically to boost performance and help prevent injury

  • Wattbike Cycling Icon

    Wattbike Cycling

    Testing and training to help you become a stronger and well rounded cyclist

  • Triathlon Coaching Icon

    Triathlon Coaching

    Online coaching, with individual plans and direct one to one communication to help you get the most from your sport

  • Swim Coaching Icon

    Swim Coaching

    A combination of video analysis and swim specific training program to get a boost in efficency and fitness


We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to provide a unique service for our clients.

  • Endless Pool

    Endless pool

    Swim flume and underwater treadmill for an unrivaled swimming or running experience

  • Wattbike Bike

    Watt bikes

    An indoor bike which replicates the feel of the road and measures performance

  • Gym


    Strength and conditioning equipment for all training and rehabilitation needs

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