Triathlon training for elite and dedicated athletes looking to redefine their limits

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What are you training for?

Early morning wake up calls, bulk buying supplements, DIY ice baths, race day travel, you’ve a lot to worry about.

Make your training worth while with Trinetic

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    Perfect your technique so you maximise your effeciency in the water

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    Gain experience and insight to develop your system

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    Increase your performance and enhance your running style

Trinetic is founded by David Graham, a competing elite athlete, fully qualified personal trainer and triathlon coach.

Services we offer

  • Swim Infinity Icon

    Swim Infinity

    Train in our endless pool and work on your stoke technique

  • Hydro Run Icon

    Hydro Run

    Our underwater treadmill allows you to up the run hours without injury

  • Strength and Conditioning Icon

    Strength & Conditioning

    Follow a specific program that is unique to your needs & goals

  • Wattbike Cycling Icon

    Wattbike Cycling

    Take advantage of the worlds best indoor bike for cyclists

  • Competition Coaching Icon

    Competition Coaching

    Tips, tricks and guidance to make maximise your race day

  • iTrain Icon

    iTrain Program

    Get unique weekly programs and direct one to one communication

Hi-tech facilities

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide a truely elite service for our clients.

  • Endless Pool

    Endless pool

    An underwater treadmill and camera system maximises our pool

  • Wattbike Bike

    Watt bikes

    An indoor bike which replicates feel of the road and measures your performance

  • Strength Equipment

    Strength equipment

    Rehabilitation and fitness training equipment

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