Female athlete consultation

Women are not just "mini men", your physiology is different which should be respected.

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As a woman, to get the best from your performance and mitigate the chances of injury training needs to be specific to you. It should be based around your monthly cycle and the ups and downs of monthly hormones.

Women are not just mini men, your physiology is different and should be respected and trained accordingly. There are times to push hard and there are times when you will need to recover. Beyond training, we will be able to advise on everything from pelvic floor, sports bras and how to avoid RED-s (Relative energy deficiency in sport). With the correct approach peak performance and optimal health is a realistic goal.

What to expect

A consultation will cover:

  • Hormones and the physiology on exercise and performance of the female body
  • Training around your menstrual cycle, when to push and when to recover
  • Contraception and its impact on training
  • Advice on training gear, eg; sports bras and fitting
  • Pelvic floor education and importance in all female athletes
  • REDs – relative energy deficiency in sport
  • Nutritional considerations for the female athlete

This service is included in Triathlon Coaching Advance and Expert packages.

Individual sessions

Female athlete consultation (30 mins)

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Most definitely, each treatment plan is tailored to your current stage in life. We will help to educate you on what is the best and safest training plan throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

Physiological changes during menopause mean that you might need to alter your training to suit your specific needs. However, there is absolutely no need to stop training as long as you're in good health, this is something that can be discussed and tailored to your needs.

Post session your notes are emailed through detailing the breakdown of everything that is discussed. You will able to refer back to this at any point throughout your journey, keeping you on the correct path moving forward.

“You are really encouraging and have made our training sessions accessible rather than intimidating. You are also able to tailor my weight training to suit other aspects of my exercise regime.”